Top 25 Artists of the Decade for 2010 to 2019 – Wiz Khalifa

by | Dec 28, 2022 | Music

Wiz Khalifa

Score Position: #22

Longevity Score: 4/10

Potency Ranking: 63.33 (#15)

Lead vs. Featuring Rate: 66.67%

Best Year: 2010 & 2011

Wiz Khalifa is an American rapper and actor who gained widespread popularity in the mid-2010s. He is known for his smooth, laid-back rap style and his ability to craft catchy, radio-friendly hits.

In the 2010s, Wiz Khalifa released several successful albums and singles, including “Black and Yellow,” “See You Again,” and “Work Hard, Play Hard,” which helped to establish him as one of the most popular and successful artists of the decade. He also gained fame for his extensive touring and his high-profile collaborations with other artists, including Snoop Dogg and Maroon 5.

P.S. If you tell me that Paul Walker scene from Fast & Furious 7 with “See you Again” playing didn’t hit you in your soft spots then I’m calling bullshit or your a sociapath.

Biggest songs of the decade:

  • “Black And Yellow” (2010) (Certified Tune)

  • “No Sleep” (2010) (Certified Tune)

  • “Young, Wild & Free” (collaboration with Snoop Dogg featuring Bruno Mars) (2011) (Certified Tune)

  • “5 O’clock” (2011) (T-Pain featuring Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen)

  • “Payphone” (2012) (Maroon 5 featuring Wiz Khalifa)

  • “See You Again” (featuring Charlie Puth) (2015) (Certified Tune)


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